Blue Willow Tree Studio, LLC

A recording studio founded by Jonathan Carter in Fryeburg, Maine.  The idea for his studio originated with his daughter Willow in mind, who literally sang from the moment she could form words.  Jonathan’s love of music fueled his passion for creating music.  Living in rural Maine did not pose any challenges for the self taught producer who yearns to be able to retire from his day job to focus on growing his music studio.  He firmly believes that one can never have too many guitars. He is giddy when he gets a new instrument catalog in the mail,  talks with his Sweetwater representative or better yet visits an art fair with a luthier .   While some scoff at the fact that he is self taught, you need to visit his studio and within minutes you will be won over and fascinated by his intimate knowledge of his craft.

Willow Carter

Willow loves to sing, play piano, write songs as well as poems.  No one remembers the precise moment when Willow started singing as it is a rare moment when she is not singing!  She is a senior at Fryeburg Academy and actively involved in its music department.  Willow also enjoys acting, performing her slam poetry and occasionally picking up the ukulele.  She is also learning the trumpet. 

Willow released her first EP in July of 2021 with five original songs and is actively working on a new album.  She played at Maine’s largest agricultural fair in Fryeburg in 2019 and 2021.  She recently performed at the fifth annual Buskers Festival in North Conway, New Hampshire in October of 2021.  

There is no questions she has a desire for all things musical.  She has been bit by the Broadway bug and longs to see her next Broadway show – perhaps even end up on Broadway.  Willow plans to continue her music education after high school.  We cannot wait to see where her passion for music takes her.

Jonathan Carter


In addition to creating music, he also makes music.  Jonathan plays guitar, ukulele and dabbles with mandolin, drums and piano.  He enjoys singing backup for Willow and leads when she is not around or needs a break.  He constantly seeks to expand his knowledge base.  He recently started giving guitar lessons and producing tracks for local talented musicians.  Last but not least, Jonathan produced Willow’s first EP entitled inside my mind which was released on July 13, 2021.